Astrology is the oldest system theory of mankind. Originally developed from basic calendars, it was used by ancient cultures as an instrument to analyze the quality of time, as a seismograph of the zeitgeist.

Long before modern personality psychology, astrology was designed to provide an elegant model for describing human types and characters. Long before modern business cycle theories, astrology delivered a subtle model for the cycles of time. Long before modern system theories, it provided a complex conceptual model for describing systemic correlations.

Astrology is of great benefit in management:

    The course of fashions, trends and zeitgeist is essential for the strategic planning of companies.
    The imagery of astrological archetypes guarantees successful cross-cultural branding, image building and marketing.
    AstroPERSONNEL analyzes individuals and teams to significantly increase efficiency, performance and satisfaction.
    The knowledge of the characteristic communication patterns of astrological types is invaluable for successful cooperation, negotiation and sales.

AstroMANAGEMENT is your competent partner in the areas of strategy, branding, personnel and communication. I combine the know-how of modern business management with the ancient art of astrology.