Astrology influences the fate of mankind since the beginning of civilizations and dates back to the most ancient times. Monumental buildings, pyramids, stone circles and medicine wheels did not only indicate the best time for sowing and harvest. They were also used to diagnose the quality of time and thus were an important basis for strategic decisions and planning. Master astrologers like Messallah, Abu Masar, Johannes Kepler or William Lilly advised leaders until the modern times. And also in the 21st Century many decision-makers use astrology to identify trends and take advantage of them.

AstroSTRATEGY shows the specific opportunities and threats of a company in the market environment. Based on astrological analysis the company’s vision, mission and strategy are developed and coordinated with the current zeitgeist constellations in the planning.

The result is a business strategy for a successful future.

Typical Questions

  • Which long-term future trends and new markets are important for our company?
  • Which opportunities and risks will our company face in the forthcoming years and should be considered in our strategic planning?
  • How should our corporate mission statement look like, so that we can focus better on our core business and that all employees and partners strive for the same company target?


  • AstroSTRATEGY: Corporate Strategy, Corporate Identity
  • AstroVISION: Vision & Mission
  • AstroCULTURE: Corporate Culture & Organization
  • AstroPLANNING: Strategic Planning, Trend and Market Analyses