Extensive consulting solutions have been developed to support you in your business affairs. I offer consulting for companies as well as personal counseling and coaching programs for private people:

Corporate Business Consulting

The areas of strategy, branding, human ressources and communication are my core competencies for company consulting. Astrology considerably extends the information basis for your decisions. My expertises are designed to optimally complement the management tools and techniques that you are using in your company.

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Personal AstroCOUNSELING

I also support you in your personal business issues. Personal counseling helps you to learn more about your birth horoscope, to get advise for special questions or to extend the perspectives for your future planning. And it gives you a first impression about how astrological business consulting works.

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AstroCOACHING Programs

For crucial periods of your work life these programs give you personal supervision over a longer period of time. While personal counseling gives you new impulses for your direction, AstroCOACHING grants you sustainable support to reach your targets.

  • Coaching „Job & Career“
  • Coaching „Freelance & One-Man Business“
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Coaching „Job Search”

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Vouchers for Astrological Consulting

If you are looking for a special present for precious moments, you can purchase vouchers with exclusive design. You can choose your individual printed text for the voucher and there’s also space for your personal handwritten dedication.

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