New Book “The Group Horoscope”

Thursday, 25th May 2017

Gruppenhoroskop Buch

How can groups be analyzed astrologically? My new book on the Group Horoscope demonstrates how easy it can be to systematically decode families, friends, departments, teams, rock bands, governments and any other kinds of groups. Including numerous color charts and an extensive practise part – now available in your book store:

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15 Years “Magical Practices of Management”

Wednesday, 01st March 2017

Vier Temperamente im Management

15 years ago my first book “On The Magical Practices of Management” has been published. On 180 pages it gives a cultural-historical comparison of magical and modern personality models.

I used this anniversary to write an article for the latest edition of ASTROLOGIE HEUTE, that sums up a part of this book: “The Four Temperaments in Management”. It shows the fascinating parallels between the antique theory of the four temperaments and models of modern management diagnostics like the DISC® model, the 3D-Theory of Leadership by Reddin or the Manager-Typology of Maccoby.

Website of the Book


Successful with Business Astrology

Thursday, 09th February 2017

Erfolgreich mit WirtschaftsastrologieTyrolean newspaper “Osttiroler Bote” reports about my work as business astrologer, giving also a small preview to my lecture tour “Astrological Forecasts & Future Scenarios until 2025” next week.

14.02. Sillian (Osttirol)
15.02. Linz
16.02. Graz
17.02. Bramberg (Salzburg)

Please click on the picture on the left hand side to read the full article (in German only).

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Austria Tour “Astrological Forecasts 2025”

Thursday, 22nd December 2016

Astrologische Prognosen bis 2025

In February 2017 I will be touring through Austria with the lecture “Astrological Forecasts & Future Scenarios until 2025”. How will our lives change in the next ten years? Which social, political and technological challenges are approaching? And how will we personally be affected by these developments? This innovative lecture combines astrological mundane cycles with the latest scenarios and trends of futures studies in a unique synthesis.

14.02. Sillian (Osttirol) – 15.02. Linz – 16.02. Graz – 17.02. Bramberg (Salzburg)

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Interview with Myself Magazine about Astrology in the Office

Friday, 11th November 2016

Myself Astrologie im Büro

The December issue of the popular lifestyle magazine MYSELF features an extensive article about the new boom of business astrology. It shows how the horoscope is used as a precious tool for areas such as recruiting, career planning or investment in many established companies.

In this article I had the possibility to give some insights into my work and to present the experience of AstroMANAGEMENT.

Group Horoscope of popular TV show “The Lion’s Den”

Tuesday, 1st November 2016

Die Höhle der Löwen im Gruppenhoroskop

In der Ausgabe November 2016 der Fachzeitschrift MERIDIAN stelle ich eine wichtige Variante des innovativen Gruppenhoroskops vor: das Fokus-Gruppenhoroskop. Man kann damit den persönlichen Blickwinkel eines der Gruppenmitglieder einnehmen oder auch das Leitsystem einer Gruppe ins Zentrum rücken.

Wie das funktioniert zeige ich anhand der populären TV-Unterhaltungsshow “Die Höhle der Löwen”, bei der die fünf Investoren Jochen Schweizer, Frank Thelen, Ralf Dümmel, Judith Williams und Carsten Maschmeyer Geschäftskonzepte von Gründern und Erfindern bewerten. Das Gruppenhoroskop der Sendung zeigt dabei verblüffende Querverbindungen:

Artikel “Die Höhle der Löwen im Gruppenhoroskop” (MERIDIAN)

New Brochure Study Program Business Astrology

Studium_WirtschaftsastrologieThe new brochure of the “Study Program Business Astrology” is available now. It features courses in Strategy, Branding, Human Ressources and Communication.

In addition, there is an online-seminar on an innovative new tool that I’ve introduced some months ago: The Group Horoscope for systemic analysis of departments and teams.

Currently the program is only available in German language. If you are interested in an English Online Course version, please contact me.

Interview about wrong Star Signs

Thursday, 22nd September 2016

“Your Star Sign has probably changed!” This headline has been published by lifestyle magazine COSMOPOLITAN some days ago. In an interview with RADIO BERLIN LIVE I explain the background of this popular hoax, which regularly haunts the media for decades. In addition I give an introduction to the fields of astrological business consulting:

Also an online article is available in various languages, containing parts of my interview:

ARTICLE “Zodiac Signs won’t shift

ARTIGO Signos Do Zodiac continuam certos

ARTICLE Les signes astrologiques restent

ARTIKEL “Entwarnung: Sternzeichen dürfen bleiben

Article “Branding with Astrology”

Wednesday, 31st August 2016

Branding with Astrology

In the 30th Anniversary Edition of ASTROLOGIE HEUTE I give an introduction to astrological brand development. The article shows how astrological archetypes can be used to build strong brands and presents the group horoscope as a crucial tool for brand positioning.

Article “Branding with Astrology”

Online Articles about Star Trek and Astro-Kondratiev

Monday, 25th July 2016

Star Trek Kondratieff Astrologie

Two of my articles now are online at

“50 Years STAR TREK” (German) introduces the Phenomenon of Novum-Incubation. It explains how major Science Fiction visions can be used as lead indicators for long term technological development. You will learn more about the close connection of the Star Trek horoscope to the Astro-Kondratiev, a long wave cycle that explains the patterns of major paradigm shifts and technological innovations in the course of history.

Article “50 Jahre STAR TREK” at

“The astrological Kondratiev Cycle” (English) demonstrates the astrological background of the famous business cycle of Nikolai Kondratiev, known from macroeconomics and futures studies. It postulates a regular pattern of upswings and downswings in the economy, ranging over 50 to 60 years. This cycle is based on collective paradigm shifts, caused by the emergence of new technologies that revolutionize both the economy and society at large.

Article “The astrological Kondratiev Cycle” at