The Group Horoscope

Analyzing groups of four or more horoscopes always has been a big problem for astrology, because the right tools were missing.

In this article for ASTROLOGY HEUTE I introduce an innovative new approach that allows to view up to twenty horoscopes in a very comfortable and clearly arranged way. A milestone for collective astrology.

Another ASTROLOGIE HEUTE article presents a new way how to use the group horoscope in the fields of forecasting. The “Prognoscope” allows to combine a variety of differents forecasting methodes in one chart.

Branding with Astrology

In the 30th Anniversary Edition of ASTROLOGIE HEUTE I give an introduction to astrological brand development. The article shows how astrological archetypes can be used to build strong brands and presents the group horoscope as a crucial tool for brand positioning.

Article “Branding with Astrology”

Star Trek as Technological Lead Indicator

In September 2016 Star Trek celebrates its 50th anniversary. In an extensive article for I analyze the crucial horoscopes for this popular Science Fiction series: Gene Roddenberry, the first concept draft and the premiere in american television.

This article also explains the Phenomenon of Novum-Incubation, an innovative concept that I introduced in the PROGNOSTICS book series. It explains how major Science Fiction visions can be used as lead indicators for long term technological development.

And you will learn more about the close connection of the Star Trek horoscope to the Astro-Kondratiev, a long wave cycle that explains the patterns of major paradigm shifts and technological innovations in the course of history.

The full article can be read on

Article “50 Years STAR TREK” auf

PROGNOSTICS 02: Pattern Analytics

The second volume of the PROGNOSTICS book series presents the huge fields of “Pattern Analytics”. It introduces all those methods of forecasting that interpret signatures and signs: from omen in Africa, Haruspices in Babylon, Auspices in Rome, Physiognomics in India or I-Ging in China to the exit polls, business forecastings, genetic tests, NLP patterns or Big Data analytics of today.

352 pages
70 figures and tables
ISBN 978-3-9464-9506-2

more information, excerpts & videos: Website

PROGNOSTIK Youtube Channel

The Astrology of the Kondratiev Cycle

In this series of articles for the ASTROLOGIE HEUTE magazine I describe the astrological background of the Kondratiev business cycle, well known from the areas of macroeconomics and futures studies.

Part 1: The astrological Kondratiev Cycle gives an introduction to the theory of economic long wave cycles and demonstrates, how Kondratiev’s model can be considerably extended and specified by the use of planetary cycles from astrology.

Part 2: The Morphology of the Astro-Kondratiev explains the close relationships between the breakthrough of new fundamental technologies, economic crises, political revolutions and the establishment of a new paradigmatic zeitgeist. Based on numerous historic examples this article also gives an outlook on the future economic development.

Part 3: Katalypse 2025 combines the Astro-Kondratiev with the other dominant cycles of the forthcoming years and the technological megatrends of modern futures studies. This results in an in-depth future scenario of mundane developments until the year 2025, which is signed by a unique constellation of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: the Katalypse 2025…

The first article is also available in English and has been published in the International Astrologer Magazine of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) in December 2015. Since July 2016 it is also available online at The astrological Kondratiev Cycle (online article).

The Planetoid Matrix

Astrology constantly extends its tools to describe the growing complexity and variety of our world. An important part of this work are minor planets.

In the German astrology magazine MERIDIAN I introduce the Planetoid-Matrix as an elegant instrument to deduce astrological characteristics from astronomic parameters. The examples of the centaurs Chiron, Thereus, Pelion, TA1994 Pylenor and Chariklo show how it works.

Online Article “The Planetoid Matrix (German)”

Astrological Fragments (Short Articles)

Here you can find some of my short astrological articles about the various possibilities of business astrology and mundane astrology:

The Horoscope of the Apple iPhone
Nine years ago Steve Jobs presented the revolutionary Apple iPhone the very first time. This article shows the horoscope and its astrological connections to long-term business cycles and the radix of Steve Jobs.

Horoscope: 50 Years Music in Outer Space
On 16th December 1965 a musical instrument has been played in Outer Space the very first time. During Gemini 6 mission astronaut Walter Schirra surprisingly performed the song “Jingle Bells”. This article gives a short introduction to the horoscope.

PROGNOSTICS 01: Future Visions

The first volume of my book series about FORECASTING is out now. “Visions of the Future” introduces the types of forecasting based on intuition and inspiration: trance and possession, prophetic dreams, precognition, religious future myths, utopias and social visions, science fiction and all the qualitative methods of current trend research and futures studies.

And quite often the modern can be found in magical methods and the magical in the models of our times…

“FORECASTING 01: Visions of the Future” is available in German only. Website

PROGNOSTIK Youtube Channel

The Astro-Morphology of Pluto

This short article explains the basics of astro-morphology. Using the example of Pluto it shows, how astrological characteristics can be delineated from astronomic, physical and chemical attributes. These morphological characteristics are e.g. planetary orbit, rotation behavior, excentricity or color, shape and structures of the surface.

In astrological research, this approach complements established methods such as empirical constellation analysis, interpretation of discovery charts or analyzing the name mythology.

read article “The Astro-Morphology of Pluto” (German language)

Video Series “Business Astrology”

This video series about business astrology shows how astrology can be applied to the fields of strategy, branding, human resources and communication:

01. What is Astrology?
02. Coaching & Consulting
03. Branding & Brand Image
04. The Cycle of Revolutions