Forecasting Political Revolutions

Is astrology able to predict political events? This video gives some insights about how political revolutions are closely linked to the astrological Uranus-Pluto cycle. It analyzes all trigger periods from the French Revolution to the Arabian Spring.

On the Magical Practises of Management

This book is a journey into the magical mentalities of our ancestors. It presents personality models and behavioural typologies of past centuries and compares them to current methods of modern business administration. Are our contemporary approaches superior advancements of their supersticious roots from the past? Or do magical models like archetypes, the polarity concept or the classical four elements still live on within them, just camouflaged under zeitgeist-adapted fashion masks?

Popular theories like the manager types of Maccoby, the “Menschenbilder” of Schein or the leadership styles of Reddin are drawn to comparison and reveal astounding parallels.

“On the Magical Practises of Management” is available in German only.

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Über die magischen Praktiken des Managements - Buch Cover