The Astrology of the Kondratiev Cycle

In this series of articles for the ASTROLOGIE HEUTE magazine I describe the astrological background of the Kondratiev business cycle, well known from the areas of macroeconomics and futures studies.

Part 1: The astrological Kondratiev Cycle gives an introduction to the theory of economic long wave cycles and demonstrates, how Kondratiev’s model can be considerably extended and specified by the use of planetary cycles from astrology.

Part 2: The Morphology of the Astro-Kondratiev explains the close relationships between the breakthrough of new fundamental technologies, economic crises, political revolutions and the establishment of a new paradigmatic zeitgeist. Based on numerous historic examples this article also gives an outlook on the future economic development.

Part 3: Katalypse 2025 combines the Astro-Kondratiev with the other dominant cycles of the forthcoming years and the technological megatrends of modern futures studies. This results in an in-depth future scenario of mundane developments until the year 2025, which is signed by a unique constellation of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: the Katalypse 2025…

The first article is also available in English and has been published in the International Astrologer Magazine of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) in December 2015. Since July 2016 it is also available online at The astrological Kondratiev Cycle (online article).