How does astrology work?

For a long time, people believed in a cause and effect relationship between planets and events on earth. In early days the cause was seen in gods or planetary spirits. Later astrology was explained by natural forces, energies and radiations. Man perceives the planetary rays and is steered by them or at least predisposed. Until today, there is research that postulates a causal relationship (see e.g. Landscheidt, Gauquelin, Seymour or Eysenck)

In the 20th Century scientists such as Carl Gustav Jung and Wolfgang Pauli developed the concept of synchronicity, of a meaningfully related simultaneity of different events. The hands of a clock do not cause the passage of time, they only measure and display it. Just like stellar constellations don’t cause the zeitgeist. They only indicate it. The art of analogical reasoning and image-computing create the astrological reality.

Most explanatory models of astrology move in this field between faith, science and art. In practical use the question of how astrology works is far less relevant than the fact that it works.

Astrology divides all people into 12 different star signs. But aren´t there more than 12 different types of people?

Every person, every organization and every moment is unique, just as every horoscope is unique. The 12 zodiac signs are just one part of the astrological analysis model. The combination with numerous other chart elements generates a highly differentiated, individual description of a personality, organization or event.

In may daily work I use astrological factors such as: 360 zodiac degrees including fixed stars and galactic structures, sun, moon, the eight classical planets and numerous minor planets with their angular relationships (aspects), mirror points and midpoints to each other, the two main axes and 36 houses deaneries. There is no moment in the history of the universe in which ever the combination of all these factors would have repeated. The result is a unique and distinctive personality profile for each moment. Even the characters of identical twins can be clearly distinguished with this complex systems theory.

Are your astrological investigations comprehensible at all for the layman?

I work with a combination of astrological methods and effective techniques of modern business consulting (e.g. expert surveys, SWOT analyses, market and image analyses, methods of management diagnostics and communication sciences, etc.). As a PhD economist with many years of professional management experience I take a goal-oriented, practical preparation of the concepts and analyses for granted. You will receive a work, which meets the highest standards of corporate consulting, easy to understand, easy to communicate and easy to implement in your daily work.

What are the costs of an astrological consultation?

An individual consultation takes 60 minutes and costs 150€. For business consulting in the areas of strategy, branding, personnel and communication I will work out a personal offering for you, based on your individual demands. I’ll be pleased to inform you on the phone or via email about the services that I can offer for your current issues and challenges.

How does an online or telephone consultation work?

1. Please, contact me by phone or email for an appointment and tell me your specific questions and topics.

2. Have your birth data (date, time, place) besides possibly other data (business creation, event data, etc.) ready.

3. We set up an appointment for counseling via Skype, Webex or telephone. In the case of an online consultation please make sure to have an adequate network connection. In addition, I recommend video camera and headphones for an ideal communication. The consultation via Skype or Webex can be followed directly on the monitor and may be preferable for you to choose.

4. After setting the appointment you get my data for the payment. Please note that the consultation by phone or online require payment at least 24 hours in advance (bank transfer or Paypal) since a considerable preparation time is involved.

5. At your request I record the consultation and send you the audio file via download link.

Which astrological methods and schools do you use for your work?

I’m familiar with most astrological schools and teachings (Classical Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Horary, Uranian Astrology, Ebertin, Glahn, Munich Rhythm Theory, Transpersonal Astrology, etc.). And I also use some of these techniques in my daily work. In addition, my work is grounded on more than 15 years of own astrological research based on an extensive data collection and self-developed models and systems.

Do you calculate promising dates for stock exchange investments?

Some astrologers offer to calculate “the right time” for investments and stock market speculation. I do not offer such calculations, because an isolated promising time can never replace far-sighted planning and consistent long-term work. Instead I develop concepts and strategies for successful long-term improvements that fit your individual situation.

I have an idea for an exciting project, but cannot find anything about this topic on your website.

New challenges are always welcome. Contact me with your project idea and I’ll be happy to inform you about the possibilities.